Beta Evaluation Key-Code Request Form

Altova is pleased to offer FlowForce Server Beta 3 as a free public beta test to all licensed users of Altova MapForce® 2013 Enterprise Edition and MapForce® 2013 Professional Edition. The FlowForce Server Beta 3 test period is scheduled to run until April 30, 2013 when all installed beta test licenses will expire.

All our software products include a license manager function, which will prompt you to enter a license keycode.

To request your beta evaluation key, please enter your data into this form and our license-server will send the keycode to you within 3-5 minutes:

Beta MapForce Request
Purchased MapForce Key.

Note You must enter your real e-mail address into this form, because that is the address that we will send the evaluation key-code to. If you enter a dummy e-mail address here, you will not be able to receive your evaluation key-code.