Altova DatabaseSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

In databases such as IBM DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server, triggers are user-defined functions that are executed automatically when a database event occurs. The event can be a data definition event (for example, a table is created, altered, or dropped) or a data manipulation event (for example, a row is inserted, updated or deleted from table).


In DatabaseSpy, triggers are shown with the dbs_ic_trigger icon.


In the Online Browser, triggers defined at table level are shown in the "Triggers" folder of the respective dbs_ic_table table (or dbs_ic_view view, if applicable).


Triggers at dbs_ic_database database or dbs_ic_schema schema level are shown in the "Triggers" folder of the respective database or schema.


Note:Server-level triggers (in SQL Server databases) are not supported in DatabaseSpy.


You can use an existing trigger as a basis for creating a new trigger definition or dropping a trigger from the database. The context menu in the Online Browser provides several options in this respect, see Generating SQL Statements.

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