Altova DatabaseSpy 2024 Enterprise Edition

DatabaseSpy's AI-Assistant—which is accessed via the View menu—can use either ChatGPT or Azure Open AI.


AI-Assistant works by accessing the AI's API via your account. You must, therefore, have an account with the AI you want to use and enter your account details in the appropriate tab of the Options dialog. Instructions for how to open an account and obtain your access details are given in the respective AI tabs. Once you enter your details in the Options dialog, you do not need to enter them each time AI-Assistant is started.


To select which AI is to be the default of AI-Assistant, go to the tab of the AI and select it as the default AI. You can change the default AI at any time. New chats after a change of default AI will use the new default.


After you have finished entering your AI account information and selecting the default AI, click OK to finish.



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