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Altova DatabaseSpy 2020 Enterprise Edition

SQL Editor

Selecting Data for Export

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In addition to DatabaseSpy's powerful export function, you can use SELECT statements to retrieve data from a table and export only this particular data to a range of file formats such as XML or HTML. The SQL Editor window provides an additional Export ic_export button to open the Export database data dialog box to facilitate this. When you click this button, the dialog box opens with the SQL radio button activated and the content of the SQL Editor window inserted into the Source group box.


Export database data dialog box

Note:Clicking the Export ic_export button in the Tools toolbar will also open the Export database data dialog box. However, in this case the Table radio button will be preselected and you would have to type in or paste the SQL code manually.



To export data using SQL statements in an SQL Editor window:

1.Make the SQL Editor window whose SQL statements you want to use for export the active window.

2.Press the Export ic_export button in the SQL Editor window.

The Export database data dialog box opens. The SQL statements that are currently in the SQL Editor appear in the Source group box.

3.Optionally, enter a file prefix that will be added to the file name.

4.Do one of the following:


Activate the Path radio button and enter the Path you want the destination files to appear in.

Activate the Export to XMLSpy radio button if you want your exported data to be displayed in XMLSpy. Note that this option is not available for export to Excel files, or if XMLSpy is not installed on your computer.


5.Optionally, click the Options tab to change the options for XML, XML Structure, CSV, HTML, or Excel.

6.Click the Export button when all the settings are correct.

7.Click OK. The data is exported as Table1 in the desired format and either stored under the path you specified or opened in XMLSpy for further editing.

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