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Online Browser

The Online Browser section of the Options dialog box lets you configure layout and behaviour aspects of the Online Browser.



Context Menu Action for SQL Editor

Specify the default action taken when an object is dragged and dropped from the Online Browser to the SQL Editor. You can specify a different default action for each database object type.


Display Labels

You can have DatabaseSpy display labels that are displayed as a prefix in front of the names in the Online Browser or the Project window. For example, table names are prefixed with the word "Table" and columns with the word "Column" in the Online Browser, or data sources are prefixed with the word "Data Source" in the Project window. To hide the connection method for data sources in the Online Browser and Project windows, deactivate the respective check box.


Show connection method

in Project window:


Hide connection method in Online Browser:





Please note that you can show or hide the connection method only for both the Project window and the Online Browser; this option cannot be set individually for the two of them.



When the Enable full row selection check box is activated, in the Online Browser the row in which the cursor is currently positioned is highlighted and you can click to select the row without having to move the cursor exactly over the text of the row. From the drop-down list, you can choose a color to be used for selecting.


If you prefer a wider display of you database data, you can deactivate the Reduce vertical spacing check box. This option applies to both Project window and Online Browser. The Optional display of Table and View row counts check box is activated by default, allowing you to show the number of data rows of a table or view without having to retrieve data first.


Case Sensitivity for Object Locator

When searching and filtering database objects, you can decide whether or not this should be case sensitive.

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