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Charts Window

The Charts window serves to display selected data from the result grid in a graphical form. It contains nine tabs so that you can produce different charts from a single result grid or from different Result windows.


The Charts window provides the following commands:




Change Type

Opens the Chart Type dialog box where you can choose between pie, bar, line, and gauge charts and select several sub-types.

Change Appearance

Opens the Change Appearance dialog box which allows you to define titles, labels, axes, sizes, fonts, and 3d features (if applicable).

Select Data

Opens the Chart Data dialog box where you can choose the columns that should be depicted on the X- and Y-axes.


Opens a submenu which allows you to save the chart, copy it to the clipboard or print the chart.


Reloads the data from the Result window. If the Auto toggle is activated, data is reloaded automatically when the source data is changed.


For more information, see Displaying Charts.

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