Exporting Database Data

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Exporting Database Data

DatabaseSpy can export database data to a number of file formats such as XML, XML Structure, CSV, HTML, and Excel. When you click the Export ic_export button in the Tools toolbar or select the menu option Tools | Export database data... (Ctrl+E), the "Export database data" dialog box opens, where you can select the data to be exported and define the export options for the individual export file types. The "Export database data" dialog box contains two tabs, Selection and Options, where the Selection tab is the same for all export types while each export file type has an Option tab of its own. You can change the export file type by clicking on the respective icon in the left area of the dialog box.


The Source group box basically is a depiction of the Online Browser window with all its features and options. In addition, you can select the individual tables for export here. Please note that the default layout in the Source group box for XML, CSV, HTML, and Excel is Folders while it is Table Dependencies for XML structure. You can, however, change the layout by clicking on the Layouts ic_layout_select button in the Source group box.


Exporting structured XML

The structured XML export option exports table data in an hierarchical fashion, for example:




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