Editing Records in the Result Window

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Editing Records in the Result Window

In the previous section of the tutorial, you have added a new column for the e-mail address of the veterinarians to the tblVeterinarians table. Now you will enter the actual e-mail information into this new column.


You can add this information directly in the Result window of the SQL Editor if you first select the tblVeterinarians table for editing.



To edit table records in the Result window:

1.In the Online Browser, right-click the tblVeterinarians table and select Edit Data from the context menu. Alternatively, select the table and press Ctrl+Alt+E.


2.A popup appears, informing you that editing of data is limited for this table.


3.Optionally, click the Show Details button to learn which columns cannot be edited.
4.Optionally, if you want to suppress this popup in the future, click the Don't show this dialog again! check box.
5.Click OK to close the popup and display the data in the Result window.
6.In the result grid, double-click the "Email" cell in the first row. A cursor appears in the cell.


7.Double-click the cell again to have the entire content selected and enter "peggy@yahoo.com".
8.Press the Enter key. The color of the updated cell changes. To see the full content of the cell, place the mouse cursor over the cell which will then expand.


9.Click the ic_commit button to save your changes to the database. The updated cell changes back to its default color and the update is committed to the database.


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