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Using a Script to Query the Database

The SQL file animalType_query.sql that you have added to your database project in one of the previous sections of this tutorial contains a script that uses targets to output the two queries it is composed of to two separate Result tabs and assign a name to each tab. This way, you can execute the script with a single mouse click and have the results displayed in different Result windows. For more information, see Naming Result Tabs.



To query the database using the script animalType_queries.sql:

1.Make sure that the "ZooDBConnect" connection is active.
2.Click the Project tab.
3.In the SQL folder, double-click the file animalType_queries.sql. The file opens in an SQL Editor window.


4.In the Properties window, make sure that either "Semicolons" or "SQL Grammar" is selected in the Group statements for execution with drop-down list.


5.Click the Execute ic_execute-sql button or press F5. The results of the two queries appear in separate tabbed windows that use the corresponding target names as tab text.


If you do not get separate named result tabs as depicted above, switch the Show multiple results stacked ic_result-tabs option off in the SQL Editor toolbar.

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