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Adding Objects to the Favorites Folder

Some of the tables in the zoo database need to be queried or to have their data updated more often than others. For example, tblAnimalFeed needs to be updated every time the amount of a type of feed that the zoo keeps in storage changes. tblMedicalTreatments needs to be updated whenever a veterinarian visits. Adding these tables to the Favorites folder in the Project window provides you with quick access to these tables.



To add tables to the Favorites folder:

1.In the Online Browser, right-click table tblAnimalFeed and select Add to/Remove from Favorites from the context menu, or select the table and press Ctrl+F2.
2.Select the menu option Tools | Options and, on the Online Browser page, make sure that the Enable full row selection check box is activated. Click OK to confirm your change, if applicable.
3.In the Online Browser, move the mouse over table tblMedicalTreatments and click the favorites icon that appears to the right of the table name.


Tables that have been added to the Favorites folder are shown in bold type in the Online Browser.

4.Click the Show Favorites ic_favorites icon to switch to the favorites view.


Note that the Show Favorites icon is now active and that only favorite items are shown in the Online Browser.

5.Click the Show Favorites icon again to switch back to the normal Online Browser view.
6.Click the Project tab to change to the Project window. Note that the favorite items have been added to the Favorites folder in the Project window.


7.Click the Show in Online Browser ic_show-in-online-browser icon to the right of an item in the Favorites folder to display the corresponding database object in the Online Browser.

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