Altova Case Studies

Customers across a wide scope of industries use Altova tools in a variety of ways to simplify and accelerate their application development and data management projects. The following case studies highlight just a few of the many customers who rely on Altova tools for development success.

The following Altova products are featured in our case studies:

Altova MissionKitAltova XMLSpyAltova MapForceAltova FlowForceAltova StyleVisionAltova UModelAltova DatabaseSpyAltova DiffDogAltova Authentic

NEW  The Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) automates XBRL data collection and processing. MACPA builds on their earlier successes and uses MapForce and FlowForce Server to drive their business intelligence dashboard. The dashboard allows business users to create custom reports that reflect real-time data, providing the association with new insights into financial performance.

Read the follow-up to the original MACPA case study now (PDF 1004 KB). Altova FlowForceAltova MapForceAltova MissionKit

MACPA transforms financial data to XBRL in-house. Altova customer uses multiple MissionKit tools to transform internal accounting financial data to XBRL, then repurpose it in multiple formats for reporting, analysis, and publication - all in-house.

Read the MACPA case study now (PDF 253 KB). Altova MapForceAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

NYC & Company redefines their Web presence and launches an interactive multi-media center in Midtown Manhattan. Altova customer uses components from the MissionKit to institute a major company rebranding, and to create a one-of-a-kind high tech interactive travel and tourism information center.

Read the NYC & Company case study now (PDF 3 MB). Altova DiffDogAltova UModelAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

Wrycan creates an XML publishing solution with native XML capabilities for a division of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). Altova partner uses XMLSpy, StyleVision, and Authentic to enable the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to edit and publish Electronic Technical Manuals based on their proprietary DTD.

Read the NAVSEA case study now (PDF 336 KB). Altova AuthenticAltova StyleVisionAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

HubKey builds advanced functionality into their e-commerce software with Altova MissionKit tools. An Altova customer OEMs MapForce and XMLSpy to use as the mapping and XML development components of their Microsoft® Sharepoint®-based EDI management application.

Read the HubKey case study now (PDF 4.3 MB). Altova MapForceAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

Recordare builds MusicXML-based "universal translator" plugins for leading musical notation and composition programs. An Altova customer uses XMLSpy and DiffDog to develop the Dolet® for Finale® and Sibelius®.

Read the Recordare case study now (PDF 1.8 MB). Altova DiffDogAltova XMLSpy

Equifax builds an advanced SOAP interface for their identity verification and authentication Web service. Leading credit reporting entity and provider of analytical and decision support tools uses XMLSpy's schema design component and API to build eIDverifier®.

Read the Equifax case study now (PDF 1.1 MB). Altova XMLSpy

National Frozen Foods Corporation brings EDI implementation in-house with MapForce. Leading global frozen food company uses Altova MapForce to bring their EDI implementation in-house, reducing costs and turn-around time, while increasing overall efficiency of their external business transactions and communications.

Read the National Frozen Foods case study now (PDF 195 KB). Altova MapForce

LANSA integrates MapForce's mapping capabilities into LANSA Composer. Altova partner OEMs MapForce to offer non-technical customers access to its powerful application development and integration technology.

Read the LANSA case study now (PDF 453 KB). Altova MapForce

Altova creates an internal data integration project for updating exchange rates. Altova, a global corporation with operating units in the United States and Europe needed a reliable and consistent way of updating currency exchange rates to keep its price lists and accounting systems current. > more...

Altova MapForceAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

Wrycan uses MapForce to modernize an online storefront application. Altova partner uses Mapforce to create a modern, Web-based, Oracle to FTP system interface for a retail and manufacturing client.

Read the Fitz & Floyd case study now (PDF 179 KB). Altova MapForce

Altova creates a simple solution for non-technical users to publish RSS feeds. Altova, the XML market leader and creator of XMLSpy®, needed a simple and effective way to create RSS feeds for its marketing staff to publish information about new content on the corporate Web site. > more...

Altova UModelAltova AuthenticAltova StyleVisionAltova MapForceAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

Office Furniture Dealers Alliance (OFDA) leads the creation of a new industry standard. OFDA uses XMLSpy to create a new XML standard to replace EDI-based communication between office furniture dealers and manufacturers. > more...

Altova XMLSpy

Altova develops a Web service to distribute data across multiple departments and multiple locations.A successful, fast-moving software company with multiple product lines on different development cycles needed a way to keep the whole organization up to date on all the features of the latest product versions. > more...

Altova MapForceAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

Ingenuity uses XMLSpy and MapForce to help analyze the results of automated system tests. Ingenuity System Testing Services applies XMLSpy and MapForce to manage 30,000 automated tests of a complex software system in the company's first-ever XML-based project. > more...

Altova MapForceAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

Agile.Net uses XSL to create a Web-based reporting system for Equity One. Altova partner uses XMLSpy and StyleVision in the creation of a Web delivery system for users in remote offices to generate reports in a variety of formats from a database residing at corporate headquarters. > more...

Altova StyleVisionAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

Bundesrechenzentrum uses XMLSpy to make Austria's eGovernment initiative a rapid success. When this IT service provider for the Austrian government was tasked with developing a Web services-based solution for verifying electronic signatures, they turned to Altova. > more...

Altova XMLSpy

University of Oldenburg selects Altova tools to build a customized XML content management system. German university's content management system integrates multimedia content into academic curricula. > more...

Altova AuthenticAltova StyleVisionAltova XMLSpyAltova MissionKit

Computer scientist at the University of California Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory relies on XMLSpy for validating and debugging mission-critical XML files. A premier applied-science national security laboratory validates and debugs XML files within large physics simulation programs. > more...

Altova XMLSpy

CarsDirect powers its XML-based e-commerce systems with Altova Authentic. Online multi-brand car buying service uses Authentic in its documentation workflows. > more...

Altova Authentic

Oxford Analytica streamlines its XML content editing and publishing processes using Altova Authentic.Leading industry analyst firm enables end users to easily create and edit business content in XML format. > more...

Altova AuthenticAltova XMLSpy

The University of California, Irvine automates business processes using Altova Authentic. Top university adds flexible editing power to an XML-based internal business portal for administrative staff. > more...

Altova Authentic

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association builds XML content editing system with Altova Authentic. Museum and historical society streamlines authoring and delivery of XML-based historical information to the Web. > more...

Altova Authentic

University of Regensburg creates XML-based medical case files using Altova Authentic. MedicMED project established new ways of teaching medicine using XML and multimedia. > more...

Altova Authentic

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