Altova DatabaseSpy 2024 Professional Edition

"Nanonull" Database

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This tutorial shows you the basics of how to interact with a database using the DatabaseSpy graphical user interface. To follow this tutorial, no previous experience with databases is required, although basic knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) will be advantageous. The tutorial uses a file-based database (SQLite), for portability reasons. Most of the described procedures are either very similar or identical in other database kinds, so you can follow the tutorial even if you have little or no experience with SQLite.


The tutorial is organized into the following parts. It is recommended that you follow them sequentially.


Create a New Database - In this part, you will learn how to create a new SQLite database and how DatabaseSpy projects are useful.

Design Database Tables - This section shows you how to design database tables visually, using the Design Editor available in DatabaseSpy.

Run SQL Scripts - This section shows you how to run various SQL scripts against the database, generate SQL statements from existing tables, save scripts to files, and organize them inside the project for ease of access.

Explore a Database - This section shows you how to view the structure of objects inside a database. It also illustrates how to retrieve data from the database and edit it.

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