Altova DatabaseSpy 2024 Professional Edition

Migrating Table Structure

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You can convert the structure of a table so as to fit the syntax requirements of a database kind other than the table was initially created in. This could be useful when you need to migrate tables that contain a very large number of fields to a different database. Note that the following limitations apply:


Properties that would require parsing (for example, check constraints or triggers) will not be converted

Foreign keys will not be converted

Indexes will not be converted


If database items cannot be converted into the target database, a warning message will be displayed in DatabaseSpy.

To convert a table:

1.Open a Design Editor window.

2.Optionally, display the source table in a Design Editor window of the "source" database.

3.Select a table in the Online Browser or Design Editor of the "source" database and drag it into the Design Editor window of the "target" database. A table creation script is generated in the Database Structure Change Script Window.

4.Click the Execute Change Script dbs_ic_execute_script button in the Database Structure Change Script window.

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