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Altova FlowForce Server 2022 Advanced Edition

Full path: /system/sftp/retrieve


Retrieves a file from an SFTP Server.


This function returns Boolean true if the execution has been successful. Otherwise, the outcome depends on the Abort on error parameter, as further described below.







SFTP Connection

SFTP Connection

A FlowForce object that provides the SFTP connection. To obtain the SFTP connection object, call the /system/sftp/connect function first, in a separate execution step.


Mandatory parameter.

Source file


Mandatory parameter. Specifies the source path of the file to be retrieved.

Target file


Mandatory parameter. Specifies the local (destination) file path.

Overwrite target


Optional parameter. Set this to true if a destination file with the same name should be overwritten. The default value is false.

Abort on error


This Boolean parameter determines what should be the return value of the function if execution fails. If this parameter is false, the function will return Boolean false as well. If this parameter is true, the job execution is aborted. The default value is true.

Working directory


Specifies the working directory against which all local relative paths will be resolved.


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