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Altova FlowForce Server 2022 Advanced Edition

Full path: /system/sftp/connect


Connects to the SSH Server with SFTP support and returns an SFTP connection object that you can use for other SFTP functions in subsequent steps.


Note:This function might return an unconnected SFTP connection, if the Abort on error parameter is false. The SFTP connection might also lose connection during the execution of a job and become disconnected. In both cases, all subsequent steps with such an SFTP connection will not succeed.









Address of the remote SFTP server, either as a URL or IP address.


Mandatory parameter.



The port number used to connect to the SFTP server. The default value is 22.

Login credential


Use the username and password of the SFTP account or select a FlowForce credential record with the username and password or with the username and SSH key. For further information, see Credentials.


Skip this parameter if the FTP server does not require credentials.

Abort on error


This Boolean parameter determines what should be the return value of the function if execution fails. If this parameter is false, the function will return Boolean false as well. If this parameter is true, the job execution is aborted. The default value is true.



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