Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Version 2023 Release 2


It is now possible to view exported log entries. For more information, see Job Info in Log and Instance Log.

Internal updates and optimizations.


Version 2023


In the Execution Steps section (Configuration page), it is now possible to expand or collapse all execution steps, which might be useful when you want to do a search in the browser or print the page.

It is now also possible to expand/collapse information in the instance log.

The system function /system/sftp/retrieve-wildcard has a new parameter called Target directory that specifies where retrieved files will be stored (FlowForce Server Advanced Edition). For more information, see /system/sftp/retrieve-wildcard.

FlowForce Server now allows you to copy over previously set values of function parameters into parameters of a new step function. For details, see Input Parameters.

FlowForce Serve now displays more detailed information about file triggers on the Active Triggers and Services page, which gives you more fine-grained control over jobs triggered by file triggers. For more information, see Monitor Job Execution.

Internal updates and optimizations.


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