Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Across its lifetime, a job instance has various statuses, as shown in the Status column in the Running Jobs table below. To find out more about job statuses, see the subsection below.



Job instance stages

The diagram below illustrates how a job instance changes from one state to another across its lifetime. It is assumed that no loss of FlowForce Server service or network interruptions have occurred. Note that some of the statuses take a very short time span and will not normally be visible in the user interface.


Job statuses can be divided broadly into two types: created and finished. Each of these types is further divided into different statuses (see below).



The Created status is the first state the job is in before any other action takes place. This status is abstract (i.e. it cannot be entered) and cannot be observed. The Created status is a superset of the following statuses: Starting, Waiting, Waiting for slot, Running, and Aborting (see details below).




The Finished status is abstract (i.e. it cannot be entered) and includes the following statuses: Finished successfully, Failed, Aborted, Interrupted, Superseded, Lost connection, Synchronizing, Untracked, Recovering (see details below).



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