Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Caching is a useful feature that reduces the server load and the response time of jobs. Caching the result of a job means that FlowForce Server prepares and stores the job result in some internal repository (i.e., the cache). If the job has parameters, the system creates a cache entry for every parameter combination. When the job with the cached result is called from another job (referred to as a consumer), FlowForce Server returns the cached result to the consumer (instead of executing the job again), which reduces the response time.


When you work with cached job results, note the following:


It is mandatory to declare the return type of a job whose result is cached.

The cached job and the consumer job must use the same credentials. If the credentials differ, the job executes as if no cache were defined.

When you change the configuration of the cached job, the existing cache data is invalidated.


For examples, see Caching Job Results.


Caching settings

The screenshot below shows the Cashing Result section of the Configuration page. The available settings are listed below.



If you want to delete Refresh Cache and Purge Cache timers, click the delete button. The icon_duplicate button (Duplicate) enables you to create a copy of the current trigger with the same settings.


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