Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Cluster Members Info

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If multiple FlowForce Server instances are configured to run as a cluster, the master FlowForce Server instance is responsible for executing jobs and logging their details. A worker machine does not execute any local jobs and does not have a Log View page unless you convert it back to a standalone mode. For more details, see Terminate Worker Mode.


The Running Jobs section on the Home page has the Worker column (see below) which shows the cluster member running the job instance. Depending on the job configuration, this can be a master or any worker machine that is part of the cluster. For more information, see Configure Distributed Execution.



Cluster member page

To view the currently running or recently finished job instances of a specific cluster member (worker or master), click the link in the Worker column. This opens the Cluster member page (see screenshot below) that enables you to monitor job instances run by that cluster member.



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