Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Installation and Configuration

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To be able to work with FlowForce Server, you need first to install it, configure it, and carry out various administration tasks. For information about these procedures, see the subsections below.


Part 1: Installation and licensing

The installation of FlowForce Server consists of the following procedures:


1.Installing FlowForce Server

2.Installing LicenseServer

3.Starting LicenseServer

4.Registering FlowForce Server with LicenseServer

5.Assigning a license to FlowForce Server


For more information about these procedures, see Installation and Licensing. The next step is to configure the server on the FlowForce Server Setup page (see below).


Part 2: Configuration on Setup page

The FlowForce Server Setup page provides a centralized way of configuring and managing your server instances. The configuration of FlowForce Server on the Setup page involves the procedures described below. Some of the procedures are optional (e.g., setting up SSL encryption).


1.Creating a new server instance

2.Configuring instance parameters, which includes:

a.Setting ports to connect to FlowForce Server and FlowForce Web Server

b.Setting up SSL encryption

c.Configuring the default time zone

d.Configuring cluster-related settings (Advanced Edition)

3.Installing the services

4.Starting the services


Alternatively, you can configure your server instance via the configuration files and CLI.


After you have finished installing and configuring FlowForce Server, you can log in and carry out various administration tasks (see below).


Part 3: Administration tasks

Administration tasks involve the procedures described below. These procedures are on-demand tasks that you can carry out when necessary and in any order.


Creating and configuring users and roles

Configuring basic settings (the default time zone, parameters for the /system/mail/send function, directory service and logging settings)

Backing up, restoring, migrating data

Revisiting the Setup page (in case you need to change ports, enable SSL, etc.)

Localizing FlowForce Server


Next step

After you have completed the configuration procedures described above, you can proceed with job configuration.


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