Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

The FlowForce Server Setup page enables you to configure various network settings, including the interface and port on which FlowForce Server and FlowForce Web Server should listen. Most of the settings from the Setup page can also be defined by means of configuration files. The settings defined on the Setup page will be preserved when you install a new minor version of FlowForce Server. If you install a new major version, the settings will be preserved only if you opted to migrate your data from the previous major version during installation.


To get access to the network settings, click Configure Parameters on the Setup page. The screenshots below illustrate the connection settings for FlowForce Web Server and FlowForce Server, respectively.

fs_web_network_settings_zoom70 fs_network_settings_zoom70

The available settings are listed below.




When you have finished defining the network settings and other parameters, click Save Changes. This action will redirect you to the main Setup page. The next step is to install the services.


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