Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Deletes directories from an SFTP server if the directories match the specified wildcard. If execution is successful, the function returns the list of deleted directories. Otherwise, the outcome depends on the Abort on error parameter (see details below).






SFTP Connection

SFTP Connection

Mandatory parameter. This is a FlowForce object that establishes an SFTP connection. To get the SFTP connection object, call the /system/sftp/connect function first, in a separate execution step.



Mandatory parameter. Specifies a wildcard, for example, TEST*. Directories matching the wildcard will be deleted from the SFTP server. Directories must be empty for the operation to succeed. See also Wildcards in SFTP functions.

Abort on error


Optional parameter. This parameter determines the outcome of a job in which an error has occurred. If this parameter is false, the function will return the list of directory names that have been deleted successfully and omit those directory names that cannot be deleted for some reason. If this parameter is true, the job execution is aborted in the first directory that cannot be deleted. The default value is true.


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