Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Downloads files from an SFTP server to a local directory if the files match the specified wildcard (e.g., *.xml). If execution is successful, the function returns the list of downloaded local files. Otherwise, the outcome depends on the Abort on error parameter (see details below).






SFTP Connection

SFTP Connection

Mandatory parameter. This is a FlowForce object that establishes an SFTP connection. To get the SFTP connection object, call the /system/sftp/connect function first, in a separate execution step.



Mandatory parameter. Specifies a wildcard, for example, *.xml. Files matching the wildcard will be retrieved from the SFTP server. See also Wildcards in SFTP functions.

Target directory


This is an optional parameter that controls where retrieved files will be stored. Another way to specify the location of downloaded files is to set the Working directory parameter. Both parameters can also be used simultaneously: You can use the Working directory parameter to specify the parent folder and the Target directory to specify the relative path to a subfolder.

Overwrite target


Optional parameter. Set this parameter to true if you want to overwrite destination files with the same names. The default value is false.

Abort on error


Optional parameter. This parameter determines the outcome of a job in which an error has occurred. If the Abort on error parameter is true, job execution will be terminated. If the Abort on error parameter is false, FlowForce Server will ignore errors and continue job execution. The default value is true.

Working directory


Optional parameter. Specifies the local working directory where the files downloaded from the SFTP server will be stored.


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