Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Sets the parameter of a MIME Content-Disposition header found in stream s.


FlowForce Server Advanced Edition: This function is useful when you send AS2 messages with the optional AS2 profile FileName preservation (FN). See also the get-mime-content-disposition-param function for reading the file name.



set-mime-content-disposition(s:stream, disposition:string, filename:string="") -> string




s (type: stream) specifies an input stream.

disposition (type: string) specifies the disposition value of the Content-Disposition header.

filename (type: string) specifies the filename value of the Content-Disposition header. By default, this is an empty string.



The following expression sets the Content-Disposition header as follows: set-mime-content-disposition(msg, "attachment", "GETMSG.edi"). You can use the set-mime-content-disposition function to make a file downloadable.


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