Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Full path: /system/as2/send


Sends an AS2 message to a remote AS2 server. In order to call this function from a job, the AS2 partner's details (including any applicable certificates) must be already configured in FlowForce Server. See also Creating the AS2 Job.


This function returns an AS2 MDN object which encapsulates the actual MDN returned by the server and auxiliary information from protocol. To get additional information from the AS2 MDN object (for example the HTTP status, or the MDN of the original message), add an execution step that calls the required AS2 expression functions.







AS2 Partner

References the "AS2 partner" object, see Configuring AS2 Partners.



The content of the AS2 message to send, as a stream object. The stream required by this field can be converted from a file (for example, XML or EDI file) by means of a FlowForce Expression, for example:


stream-open("C:\files\myfile.edi", "application/EDIFACT")


Notice that the stream-open function above also supplies the message Content-Type header as second parameter. Other values for Content-Type can also be used if necessary.


For an introduction to expressions in FlowForce, see The FlowForce Expression Language.

Abort on error


Optional parameter. This parameter determines the outcome of a job in which an error has occurred. If the Abort on error parameter is true, job execution will be terminated. If the Abort on error parameter is false, FlowForce Server will ignore errors and continue job execution. The default value is true.



See the following examples:


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