Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Returns the Message-ID header field of an AS2 message. This function must be used in a job that is configured to receive AS2 requests. That is, the check box Make this job available via HTTP at URL... must be selected in the job configuration page. Otherwise, this function returns a newly generated Message-ID (a new value is generated whenever a new job instance runs and stays constant for that job instance until it ends).



current-message-id() -> string



The following expression produces a filename based on the Message-ID. The substring function removes the angle brackets (the first and last character) from the Message-ID.


C:\temp\{substring(current-message-id(), 1, -1)}.msg


The following expression does the same as above, and additionally splits the current Message-ID apart at character '@' with the help of the split function. The nth function extracts only the first part—a random hexadecimal value 32 characters long—and uses that as part of a filename.


C:\temp\{nth(split(substring(current-message-id(), 1, -1), '@'), 0)}.msg

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