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Embed Expressions in String Fields

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To use a FlowForce expression in a string field, enclose the expression within curly braces, that is, the "{" and "}" characters. The expression part of a string field normally has a light purple background, which helps you distinguish the expression part from the rest of the string, for example:


In a string field, only the expression enclosed within curly braces will be treated by FlowForce as an expression. If you want FlowForce to interpret the "{" and "}" characters literally, write double braces instead of a single brace. Consider the following cases:


A string field with the following value...

Will be evaluated as...



echo Hello, World!

The string does not use any curly braces (it does not contain an embedded expression), so it is evaluated as is.



The string cannot be evaluated. The embedded expression is not syntactically correct, so FlowForce displays a syntax error.


echo Hello, World!

The string contains an embedded expression which is syntactically correct. However, the expression is inside a string field, so the evaluation result would be the same if you used no expression at all (see the first example above).


echo {'Hello, World!'}

The string does not contain an expression, since the escape characters {{ and }} were used.

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