Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Job Execution Steps

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In FlowForce Server, steps define what a job must do (e.g., delete a file, execute a MapForce mapping, send an email). In its simplest form, a step is an operation with failed or successful outcome. Each step must execute a function. You can create as many steps as required for your job and set the order in which the steps must be executed. You can also use the result of a step in other steps.


Add an execution step

To add an execution step, create a job or open an existing job and select the relevant step type in the Execution Steps section of the job configuration page.


Types of steps

Execution steps can be of the following types:


Execution steps

Choose steps

For-Each steps

Error/Success-Handling steps

Postpone steps

Resume steps (used inside Error/Success-Handling steps)



The table below gives a list of buttons that allow you to manage steps.



Allows you to expand or collapse all execution steps. This option could be useful when you want to do a search in the browser or print the page.


Add a step.


Delete a step.


Duplicate a step.


Move a step up or down.


Undo the previous delete action.


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