Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

The /system/ftp container includes functions that are used to connect to an FTP or FTPS server and perform operations such as uploading, retrieving, and deleting files, creating and deleting remote directories, and others.


Triggerfile parameter

Jobs with file system triggers and HTTP triggers have a job input parameter called triggerfile that receives the absolute path of the file (file system triggers) or URI (HTTP triggers) that triggers the job. You can use the triggerfile in FTP functions (e.g., to upload the triggerfile to an FTP server). If you need only the name of the triggerfile with its extension, use the file-with-extension expression:




For an example, see the FTP store function.


Wildcards in FTP functions

The following FTP functions accept wildcards as parameters:







When you use functions with wildcards, you can enter the following wildcards:






Matches zero or more characters.

*.htm will match home.htm and index.htm


Matches any single character.

*.xm? will match index.xml and project.xmi


The + (one or more) wildcard is not supported. Instead, you can use ?*. For example, *.c?* will match .cs , .cp and .csproj files but will not match .c files.


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