Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition


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Registers FlowForceServer with LicenseServer. You must have Administrator privileges (root) to register FlowForce Server with LicenseServer. For more information, see the LicenseServer documentation.




FlowForceServer licenseserver [options] SERVER


Note:On Linux systems, use an all-lowercase flowforceserver to call the executable.





Specifies the name of the machine running LicenseServer or its IP address.



The options are listed below, in their short forms (first column) and long forms (second column), together with their descriptions. On the command line, one or two dashes can be used for both short and long forms.




Prints the result of the registration attempt as a machine-parseable JSON object.
Form: --json=true|false




FlowForceServer licenseserver


The command above specifies that the machine named is the machine running Altova LicenseServer. If LicenseServer is running on the user's machine, the following commands would also be valid:


FlowForceServer licenseserver localhost

FlowForceServer licenseserver


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