Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Full path: /system/compute


Computes the result of an expression and returns the computed value. The computed value can be used in parameters or expressions of other execution steps. You can also use this function to define the output of a job that is used as a service (see the example).


This function returns the value T0, which indicates an arbitrary type. That is, the returned data type will be inferred from the expression used in the Expression parameter.







Expression of T0

The FlowForce Server expression to be computed. For more information about expressions, see The FlowForce Expression Language.



This example illustrates a job with two execution steps. The first step runs a shell command in the c:\temp directory, and the result is declared as hello.


Next, this result is passed to the second execution step. The second execution step uses expression language (in particular, the stdout and content functions) to do the following:


get the standard output of the result of the first step

convert the output to string


The compute function evaluates the expression entered in the Expression text box.


See also Creating a "Hello, World" Job.

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