Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

Version 2024 Release 2


The Setup page has been enhanced to allow users to customize the data directory before creating instance data and installing services. This makes the setup procedures more flexible and user-friendly. For details, see Configuration via Setup Page.

When you deploy your MapForce mapping to FlowForce Server, you can choose to attach the mapping files for later retrieval. This will prevent you from losing your mapping files and enable you to download them at any time. For details, see Deploy Mappings to FlowForce Server.

The Error/Success-Handling step now enables you to set a timeout that will abort a job step if it is not successful after the specified time. For details, see Error/Success-Handling Steps.

It is now possible to add a Resume step inside a protected block, which allows continuing execution even after an error has occurred. For more details, see Error/Success-Handling Steps.

New expression functions have been introduced to create the result that an error-handling block should return. For details, see Result Functions.

Internal updates and optimizations.


Version 2024


FlowForce Server now allows you to send a test email to test SMTP parameters.

The Client Credentials, Password, and Implicit grant types are now supported in OAuth credentials, in addition to the Authorization Code grant type (Advanced Edition). For details, see OAuth 2.0 Credentials.

Internal updates and optimizations.


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