Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

In jobs that receive AS2 messages, you can call this function in order to obtain the name of the receiving AS2 partner. This is the AS2 name defined under "Local Side Settings" in the AS2 partner configuration page. To extract the AS2 partner name, add an execution step that calls either the /system/compute-string or /system/compute built-in functions, and enter the following expression:








where partner is the name of the input parameter of type AS2 partner.


An input parameter of type AS2 partner is added to the job configuration page automatically, when you select the check box Make this job available via HTTP at URL...and choose AS2 service. For more information about such jobs, see Receiving AS2 messages.



as2-partner-local-name(partner:AS2 Partner) -> string







AS2 Partner

Specifies the object of type AS2 Partner from which the local name should be extracted.

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