Altova FlowForce Server 2024 Advanced Edition

To import an archive exported previously, follow the instructions below:


1.Open the Configuration page and click Import Objects.

2.Click Choose File in the Import Objects dialog and select a .zip archive that you previously exported from FlowForce Server.

3.Click Import. FlowForce Server displays the records that are about to be imported, along with their dependencies (screenshot below). The Current State column informs about what will happen to each record after you click the Import button.


4.Click Import.


Missing dependencies

When you export data from FlowForce Server, be aware that some objects may have dependencies on other objects. If you do not export dependencies together with the object that depends on them, this may lead to errors when you later import that data back into FlowForce Server.


If the archive you are importing has external dependencies that cannot be found in the target instance of FlowForce Server, the Current State column will display the status Does not exist.


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