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Database Data Comparison

The Diff and Merge menu for database data comparisons lists commands to (i) set comparison modes and XML comparison comparisons, (ii) start a comparison,  (iii) navigate compared documents and display differences in Database Data Comparison windows, (iv) merge differences in them, (v) show results, (vi) sort tables (vii) map and unmap or, (viii) expand or collapse items, (ix) enable Autolayout, and (x) show the comparison options before comparison. For more information, see Comparing Database Data.

Show Options Before ComparisonAutolayoutCollapse itemsExpand itemsUnmap itemsMap itemsSort tablesShow resultsCopy from Right to LeftCopy from Left to RightMake Current DifferenceDisplay Current DifferenceFirst DifferenceLast DifferencePrevious DifferenceNext DifferenceStart ComparisonCompare XML Columns NativeCompare NativeCompare as Stringmnu_DiffMerge-data

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