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DiffDog Options

The Tools | DiffDog Options command enables you to define global application settings. These settings are specified in a dialog box and saved in the registry. They apply to all current and future document windows. The Apply button in the DiffDog Options dialog box displays the changes in the currently open documents and fixes the current settings. The changes are seen immediately in the background windows.


Each page of the DiffDog Options dialog box is described in detail in this section.



To change DiffDog settings:

1.Select Tools | DiffDog Options... or select the DiffDog Options ic_DD-options button in the Diff and Merge toolbar.

The DiffDog Options dialog box appears.

2.Select the tabs for the following options:


File Comparison
Directory Comparison
Database Comparison
Database Data Result View
File Types
Network Proxy Settings
Java Settings


3.Make the desired changes and click OK.

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