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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

Creating IIR relationships makes the element of a schema available to other schemas. However, only global elements can be used in other schemas. In this section of the tutorial, you will learn how to use XMLSpy to make an element into a global complex type that can be included in different schemas.

To make elements to be included global:

1.Open event_registration.xsd in XMLSpy.

2.In XMLSpy, click the Display Diagram ic_component icon for the element event_registration to display its content model.


3.Right-click on the personInfo element and select Make Global | Complex type from the context menu. A new global complex type called personInfoType is created.


Note: If "type" does not appear as shown in the screenshot above, proceed as follows:


1.Select the menu option Schema design | Configure view.

2.In the Schema display configuration dialog box, click the Predefined button.

3.Click OK to confirm.


4.In the same way, make the creditCardInfo element into a global complex type. This results in a type called creditCardInfoType.

5.Save the file.

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