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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

After you have successfully installed SchemaAgent Client, the application appears in your program list (Start | All Programs) of your workstation. If your license information has not yet been registered with SchemaAgent, you will be prompted for it when you try to start SchemaAgent. If you have registered a valid license, the Connect to SchemaAgent Server dialog box will appear.


You have two options for working with SchemaAgent:


Work locally

Connect to a network server


For a detailed description of the difference between these two options, please see the relevant chapters later in this documentation.

To start SchemaAgent Client:

1.Click the Altova SchemaAgent entry in the All Programs list or the Altova SchemaAgent ic_sa-client icon in the Quick Launch tray. The Connect to SchemaAgent Server dialog box appears.

2.Do one of the following:


Select Work Locally to connect to the LocalServer.

Making sure that the required server is already up and running, select Connect to Network Server and choose a SchemaAgent Server (running on the network) from the drop-down list.


3.Click OK to confirm.

To exit SchemaAgent Client:

Select the menu option File | Exit.

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