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Configuring a Search Path to the Examples Folder

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SchemaAgent Client displays the search paths defined in a SchemaAgent server in the Hierarchical and Flat tabs of the Explorer window. If you edit a schema file using SchemaAgent Client and XMLSpy is currently connected to the SchemaAgent server, XMLSpy prompts you to reload the schema file, if you currently have that file open.


In this section, you will configure a path to the folder that contains the files used in this tutorial.

To configure a search path to the Tutorial folder:

1.In the Explorer window of SchemaAgent Client, click the Configure Paths tab.

2.Right-click anywhere in the Explorer window and select Add search path from the context menu. Alternatively, select the Search paths entry in the Explorer window and press the Insert key. The Add/Edit search path dialog box opens.


3.In the Search Path group box, select the Directory radio button and activate the Recursive check box to have the sub-folders displayed as well.

4.In the Browse group box, navigate to the Documents\Altova\SchemaAgent LocalServer2020\SchemaAgentExamples\Tutorial sub-folder.

5.Optionally, if your paths are very long, activate the Relative Path check box in the Search Path group box.

6.Click OK. The search path appears in the Explorer window.


7.Click the ic_reload-search-paths button that appears at the bottom of the Explorer window.

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