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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

When dragging one or several MFD files into the Design window, SchemaAgent displays the content of each individual MFD file as well as the mapping of the schemas contained in the MFD file.



The content of an MFD file is indicated within the MFD file box. The input as well as the output files are listed when the box is expanded. Expand the MFD file box by clicking the expand ic_expand button to the right of the file name to see which files are contained in the MFD file.


Click the expand buttons to the left of the input or output file names to drill down the structure of the individual files contained in the MFD file.




The mapping of the input and output files contained in an MFD file can be viewed by clicking the MapForce Design ic_MapForce-design icon located between the input and output files.


You can also view the XSLT file of the MapForce mapping and the XSLT output by clicking the respective tabs at the bottom of the MapForce Design pane. To close the pane, click the MapForce Design icon.


Note:In order for the MapForce Design pane to be displayed, MapForce 2020 must be installed on your computer. You cannot edit an MFD file directly in SchemaAgent, you have to use the Edit in MapForce command from the context menu or press Ctrl+M to open the file in MapForce.

To view a MapForce design (MFD) file:

Drag and drop the MFD file you want to view from the Explorer window onto a Design window.

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