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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

SchemaAgent Client

The SchemaAgent Client User Interface

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SchemaAgent Client has a graphical interface, which is organized into two broad parts:


Explorer window, which provides you with information about search paths and files available herein; and Overview window, which shows what part of the active design is currently in view in the main window.

Design window, which graphically displays the structure of the supported file types, and shows existing Includes, Imports, Redefines (IIRs) between schemas, or relationships between any of the supported files, respectively.


The Explorer and Overview windows can be docked under a menu bar and toolbar (see screenshot), or they can be freely arranged under the menu bar and toolbar. Their positions and sizes can be changed by dragging and re-sizing them.


This section provides an introduction to these broad parts of the interface. Detailed descriptions of the various interface parts follow later in this documentation.

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