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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

In this section you will create an include relationship between the following schemas provided in the include_redefine sub-folder of the SchemaAgentExamples\Tutorial folder:


event_registration.xsd: This schema is structured to contain information about a participant who registers for a sporting event. Because these events have fees, a type for containing credit card information is also defined in this schema.

dvd_order.xsd: This schema is structured to contain order details for mail order DVDs, and customer shipping details.


In the course of this example, you will create an Include relationship so that dvd_order.xsd includes types from event_registration.xsd, specifically those that store customer and credit card data.

To display schemas in a Design window:

1.Select the menu option File | New, or click the New ic_new icon in the Standard toolbar, or press Ctrl+N to open a new Design window.

2.In the Explorer window, select event_registration.xsd and dvd_order.xsd from the include_redefine folder and drag them into the Design window.


Note:To drag and drop more than one file at the same time, select the files first by clicking on the files while holding down the Ctrl key. Drag and drop a folder to put all the files it contains in the Design window.

To create an include relationship:

1.Click on the small white triangle on the right side of the file box of event_registration.xsd and drag the connector line to the file box of dvd_order.xsd.


2.Release the mouse button over the word "includes". A green arrow that points from event_registration.xsd to dvd_order.xsd appears.


This arrow shows that an include relationship has been made between these schemas.

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