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Altova SchemaAgent 2020

Prior to installing the software, you must download the  SchemaAgent 2020 installation package from the SchemaAgent download page at the Altova website. If you have purchased Altova® MissionKit™ 2020, the SchemaAgent 2020 product is included in the package.


A local SchemaAgent server—the so-called LocalServer—will be installed as part of the SchemaAgent Client software installation. During the installation process, you will be asked whether you wish to use SchemaAgent locally (that is via the LocalServer) or via SchemaAgent Server. Your selection determines the default setting for which server the client will connect to on startup. This can always be changed using the Extras | Connect to Server menu option.


The SchemaAgent Client license must be purchased at the Altova Shop at the Altova Website. If you have purchased Altova® MissionKit™ 2020, the license for SchemaAgent Client is included in that package.

To install SchemaAgent Client:

1.Double-click the installer file to run the installation process.

2.Enter and save the licensing information so as to activate the product license.

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