Altova UModel 2024 Enterprise Edition

A Template signature is a string that specifies the formal template parameters. A template is a parameterized element that is used to generate new model elements by substituting/binding the formal parameters to actual parameters (values).


Formal template parameter


Template with a single untyped formal parameter

(stores elements of type T)



Multiple formal template parameters

KeyType:DateType, ValueType



Parameter substitution



The parameter substitution must be of type "aBaseClass", or derived from it.


Default values for template parameters



Substituting classifiers



allowsSubstitutable is true

Parameter must be a classifier that may be substituted for the classifier designated by the classifier name.



Constraining template parameters



When constraining to anything other than a class, (interface, data type), the constraint is displayed after the colon ":" character. E.g. T is constrained to an interface (T:Interface) which must be of type "anInterface" (>anInterface).


Using wildcards in template signatures



Template parameter T must be of type "vector" which contains objects which are a supertype of aBaseClass.



Extending template parameters


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