Altova UModel 2023 Enterprise Edition

Converting Elements

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Some of the elements support quick conversion to some other element kind. This action may be useful, for example, if you started designing a class but would like to change it later to an interface, or vice versa. More specifically, the following kinds of elements support conversion to any other item in the list:








You can convert the element kinds listed above either from the Diagram window or from the Model Tree.

To convert elements:

1.Open a diagram that includes classes, interfaces, enumerations, primitive types or data types (for example, a class diagram). Alternatively, locate any of these element kinds in the Model Tree.

2.Right-click the element of interest (for example, a class) and select Convert To | <element kind> from the context menu.


After conversion, the name of the element is preserved. If possible, the data associated with the element is also preserved. For example, a conversion from interface to class or from class to interface preserves data such as properties or operations. However, a conversion from a class or interface to an enumeration will result in data loss. In such cases, if necessary, you can restore the previous state of the element by running the Undo (Ctrl+Z) command.

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