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Altova UModel 2020 Enterprise Edition

Internal Block Diagrams are based on the UML Composite Structure Diagram with restrictions and extensions as defined by SysML.


The Internal Block Diagram describes the internal structure of a block in terms of properties and connectors between properties, i.e. the relationship of its constituent parts, using ports, connectors, and flows.


To add initial values to a Property:

1.Right-click the Property and select New | Initial Values.

2.Double click the placeholder and enter the values e.g. speed = 700KB/s

To insert a FlowPort:

1.Make sure that the type of the property is set to a block or classifier.

2.Click the FlowPort icon ic-flow-port in the icon bar, then click the border of Property that you want to add the port to. The FlowPort is now placed on the border of the Property.


3.Enter the name of the FlowPort in the name field of the Properties tab if necessary.

4.Select the port's type from the type list box e.g. Card.

5.While the port icon is still selected, scroll down the Properties tab and notice that additional FlowPort parameters are available.


To create a atomic conjugated flow port:

1.Create a FlowSpecification (interface) in a Block Definition Diagram.


2.Click the Flow port you want to define in the Internal Block Diagram (or BDD).


3.Set the Flow port "type" to a FlowSpecification in the Properties tab.


4.Set 'isConjugated' to true.


This type of port is shown with a dark background.

To change the FlowPort direction:

Click the existing FlowPort entry and select the in, out, or inout, from the direction combo box.


To join two ports:

1.Click the Connector icon ic-comp-conn in the icon bar.

2.Drag and drop from the first to the second port.

3.Drop the connector on the port, when the port object is highlighted in the diagram.


To create Item flows:

Item flows can be created between block associations, or on other connectors between parts of SysML diagrams.


1.Right-click an existing connector and select New | Item flow (L to R, or R to L).


An arrowhead has been added to the connector displaying the direction of the item flow.

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