Altova UModel 2024 Enterprise Edition

This command shares/branches files from other projects/folders within the source control repository, into the selected folder. To use the Share command you must have the Check in/out rights to the project you are sharing from.

To share a file from source control:

1.Select the folder you want to share files to, in the Model Tree window, and select Project | Source Control | Share from Source Control. e.g. BankView Component in the Component View folder.
2.Select the project folder that contains the file you want to share in the "Projects" list box.




3.Select the file you want to share in the "Files to share" list box and click the Share button.
The file is now removed from the "File to share" list.
4.Click the Close button to continue.



Branch after share

Shares the file and creates a new branch to create a separate version.

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