Altova UModel 2024 Enterprise Edition

You can also create multiple sequence diagram models from multiple operations, as follows:


1.Select the menu option Project | Generate Sequence diagrams from Code.


2.Select the operations that you want to generate a sequence diagram for and click OK. (Use the Select All Public and Select All buttons where necessary.)

3.Optionally, select the Include Getters and Setters check box to generate sequence diagrams for C#/VB.NET getters and setters.

4.Click OK. This opens a dialog box where you can specify the sequence diagram generation options.

5.Click OK. A sequence diagram is generated for each selected operation, and UModel automatically opens it.


Creating multiple Sequence diagrams will likely take longer if your project is large. Note that only the first 10 diagrams will be opened automatically by UModel; all the rest will be generated without being opened.

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