Altova UModel 2023 Enterprise Edition

The Hierarchy window displays all relations of the currently selected modeling item, in two different views. The modeling element can be selected in a diagram, in the Model Tree window, or in the Favorites window.


Items in the Hierarchy window can be displayed in two views:


Tree view

Graph view


To switch between views, click the Show tree view um_ic_tree_view or Show graph view um_ic_graph_view buttons in the upper-left corner of the window.


The tree view shows multiple relations of the currently selected element, as a tree. Click the buttons at the top of the window to select types of relations that are to be shown. In the image below, only generalizations um_ic_generalization_horizontal  and associations um_ic_association are selected to be shown.


Hierarchy window (tree view)

The graph view shows a single set of relations in a hierarchical overview, as a diagram. In this view, only one of the relation buttons can be active at any one time. In the image below, the Show Generalizations um_ic_generalization_horizontal button is currently active.


Hierarchy window (graph view)

In the graph view, you can generate diagrams that include the elements visible in the window. To do this, right-click inside the window, and select Create diagram as this graph from the context menu.


Settings pertaining to Hierarchy window can be changed using the menu option Tools | Options | View, in the Hierarchy group in the lower section of the dialog box.


The Hierarchy window is navigable: double-click one of the element icons, inside the window, to display the relations of that element. This applies both in the tree view and in the graph view.

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