Pools / Swimlanes

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Pools / Swimlanes


Pools are used to partition and organize activities. A business process may show the interaction between various processes or participants. Each participant is represented by a rectangular box called a Pool. A participant could be a business role or entity.


BPMN objects placed within a pool become part of it when the pool boundary is highlighted.
Objects within a pool can be individually selected using Ctrl+Click, or by dragging the marquee inside the pool.
Click the pool boundary, or title, and drag to reposition it.



Pools can be further subdivided into Lanes, which categorize activities within a pool. Note that both horizontal and vertical lanes can be defined.



To add a new lane to a pool:

Right-click the header of an existing pool object and select New | Lane. This adds a new lane to the pool. Each lane can be named separately, by double clicking in the name field.


Note:Right clicking in one of the lanes allows you to add any of the elements allowed to be placed in a pool using the New option.

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